The Nansh0u campaign use new hackers weapon

Posted 04 June, 2019

Guardicore Labs, which specializes in cybersecurity, reported that a large-scale attack called the “Nansh0u campaign” began in February. Hackers managed to hack more than 50,000 servers around the world and using them to mine cryptocurrency using unusually advanced tools.
According to experts, every day attackers managed to infect more than 700 computers with malware. Most affected were companies operating in the fields of health, telecommunications, media and IT.
Guardicore Labs discovered 20 different infected downloads, with new ones being created “at least once a week” and immediately put into circulation. The download also installed a rootkit that did not allow to remove the software.
The criminals used very advanced tools similar to those used by the state, which indicates that the most sophisticated cyber weapon becomes accessible to hackers.
As the Guardicore Labs said, the Nansh0u campaign demonstrates that a high level of professionalism is necessary to protect the funds of companies.

"Сommon passwords still comprise the weakest link in today’s attack flows. Seeing tens of thousands of servers compromised by a simple brute-force attack, we highly recommend that organizations protect their assets with strong credentials as well as network segmentation solution"- stated in the report of experts.

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04 June, 2019 13:14

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Justin Sun paid a record amount for lunch with Buffett

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US users lead by number of visits to crypto exchanges
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