Telegram releases Gram cryptocurrency rules

Posted 09 October, 2019

TON developers unveiled the first version of the rules for using the Gram cryptocurrency wallet. According to preliminary data, the program will be integrated into the Telegram messenger immediately after the release. 

Telegram will also not store private and public keys, which will completely protect the information of users. Transactions can be made or delayed due to failures on the TON blockchain, but developers will not control this process as part of decentralization. 

"We have no control over the TON Blockchain network and therefore cannot ensure that any transaction details that you submit via the Services will be validated and confirmed on the TON Blockchain," said representatives of the Telegram Open Network. 

Telegram reserves the right to close a client’s account and stop providing services to him in case of violations or non-compliance with the law. Investors in the Telegram Open Network will also gain access to password generation software. 

At the moment, the development of TON is at the final stage. The release should take place before October 31, 2019. In case of failure to meet the deadlines, the company will be obliged to return to investors all of their funds in full. 

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09 October, 2019 11:48

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