Telegram officially launches the test client of the TON

Posted 30 May, 2019

Telegram Messenger has released the official test version of its blockchain platform TON. The relevant files were placed on the site

This archive is already available for download and distribution test network format. At the moment, the product is a simplified version of the blockchain.

One May 25 GitHub user uploaded a test version of the client. After installation, he executed all the instructions specified in the readme file and after connecting to the full platform node sent several test requests.

Note that in the middle of April, closed testing of the Telegram messenger network began. Access to this platform was given to investors who have invested their money in the development of the project. Later it was reported that the messenger officially plans to launch the blockchain network in the third quarter of this year. 

Also, links to the installation of the TON client users of the site will also be able to install the smart contract configuration file, which will become their growth bridge between the client and the dedicated server. In fact, users will be able to check the status of running smart contracts, send messages and cancel operations. 

In addition, as a programming language for TON, developers used Fift, which was released last week. This language was created specifically for managing smart contracts on the TON blockchain. 

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