Telegram likely to create own digital coin and blockchain, sources

Posted 09 January, 2018

According to the sources, Telegram is about to make the biggest initial coin offering (ICO). It is preliminarily planned to attract $500 million at token pre-sale, with some $3-5 billion to be generated from the ICO. The ICO can take place in March.

ICO is said to be aimed at attracting funds for creating of Telegram's own blockchain and digital coin, which will help the company to become independent from authorities or banks.

The new digital coin will be called Gram and blockchain – Telegram Open Network, a source noted.

Under presale to investors, that are not in the close circle to Telegram's founder Pavel Durov, the minimal investment rule can be set at $20 million. It is worth mentioning that those who want to take part in Telegram's offering will have to invest fiducial currencies (for example, US dollar), rather than cryptocurrencies like in other ICO.

The offering is expected to enjoy good demand since unlike other startups, which hold ICO, this is proven world-wide known messenger.

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