Taiwanese billionaire advises not to interfere with launch of Libra

Posted 17 October, 2019

Taiwan’s billionaire, Terry Gou founder and CEO of the manufacturing colossus Foxconn wants to merge Libra and China’s native digital currency for further prospects. In his latest speech, Gou has said that unlike other governments that have skeptically approached the Libra project, Taiwan could welcome it and accelerate its stature as a global financial hub. 

''I know Zuckerberg pretty well, and I hope we can bring Libra to Taiwan in the future. Mainland China has decided not to accept Libra and build its own digital currency. That creates a great opportunity for Taiwan as we can become a place where the two separate systems converge.'' - he said.

Not stopping there, Gou even suggested that if and once Libra is unveiled, East Asia’s island state could connect it with the cryptocurrency that the People’s Bank of China is developing. Gou also called on the Taiwan government not to repeat the mistakes of the governments of Europe and the United States in trying to block the Facebook cryptocurrency project. Taiwanese regulators should establish a more welcome legal system for decentralized finance technologies, arguing that fintech projects could benefit semiconductor and crypto businesses, both areas where Foxconn is active. 

 The founder of the manufacturing giant Foxconn also announced that his own educational initiative would introduce a blockchain curriculum.

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