Survey: Over 5% of UK citizens own Bitcoin

Posted 01 November, 2019

The matter of Bitcoin ownership has always been an interesting one. A recent survey found that around 5.3% of UK citizens own bitcoin. According to a survey in which 2500 British residents aged 18 to 65 took part, the vast majority of respondents (67%) are not interested in cryptocurrencies and are not going to buy them. While 5% of respondents said they currently own bitcoin, over half claimed to have no desire to buy any more BTC. 6% do want to buy BTC while not owning any. The percentage ends up in the double-digit territory (11%) when only millennial men are included.   

"Over a quarter of British males Young Professionals surveyed, not to mention the full 20.3% of all UK respondents were unaware of Bitcoin, ought to give the crypto community pause. These survey results are demonstrative of the need for more education by the Bitcoin community to inform investors, especially male investors under 35." - according to the report.

Crypto Radar CEO Amine Rahal is confident that over time a large number of young investors will come to the industry who will not be afraid to invest in cryptocurrency.

'' Regardless of its enormous volatility, Bitcoin is a very attractive asset class for those investors, especially younger investors, who are willing to ride the volatility to tremendous gains.'' - said Rahal. 

Also in light of the upcoming Brexit, Bitcoin probably appears relatively risky to some British investors, especially considering the volatile price action of late. 

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