Spie Oil & Gas Services participates in the electrical installations of two offshore wind farms

Posted 22 March, 2022

Spie Oil & Gas Services, a subsidiary of Spie, has won, in partnership with the Industry division of Spie Industrie & Tertiaire, the electricity, instrumentation, and telecommunications lots for two offshore wind farms off Fécamp (Seine-Maritime) and Courseulles -sur-Mer (Calvados). The services include the study, purchase, and delivery of equipment, work on the assembly site, final connections, and assistance with commissioning at sea.

Launched following two calls for tenders from the State to achieve its renewable energy objectives, the offshore wind farms of Fécamp and Calvados are among the significant achievements of the coming years in the offshore wind sector.

For each of these parks, Spie Oil & Gas Services was commissioned in 2020 then 2021 to ensure the supply and installation of electrical and data transmission systems, interior and exterior lighting, video surveillance, and fire detection systems. These operations relate to the foundations of each wind turbine. In addition, Spie Oil & Gas Services will also ensure the installation of maritime radars. For these two operations, Spie Oil & Gas Services relies on the expertise of the teams of the Industry division of SPIE Industrie & Tertiaire in terms of electrical cabinets and video surveillance systems.

"These two contracts illustrate our ability to support our customers in their new activities related to renewable energies, thanks to our expertise in electricity and management of offshore maritime constraints. We are proud to contribute to the development of these two large wind farms. offshore," said Claude Ranieri, director of the Europe/North Africa business unit at SPpie Oil & Gas Services.


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