Softbank launches new blockchain wallet card

Posted 03 December, 2019


In addition to the basic functions of a bank card, Softbank Card 3.0 includes several functions. Card security is based on SoftBank's own encryption system, which uses several encryption mechanisms. Card users can choose between hot and cold wallet functions.


The card acts like a regular credit card and like a digital wallet. In addition, it integrates chips of the Internet of things (IoT), which can be connected to intelligent household appliances.

You can manage the card through a special application. Users can download the application to manage their specified currencies, digital currencies, electronic payment services and credit card functions. When you turn on the Wi-Fi module, a hot wallet is implemented on the card, and you can access the cold wallet when Wi-Fi is turned off.

The user interface of the application is quite intuitive, the balance and other information are displayed in real time. The launch bodes well for the blockchain space, given that SoftBank is Japan's second largest company after Toyota. The Tokyo multinational company owns a majority stake in Softbank Corp, Arm Holdings, Fortress Investment Group and Sprint. He also owns shares in Yahoo Japan, Alibaba and Uber. The goal of SoftBank is to transform the lifestyle in Japan and around the world with the help of information technology, IoT, blockchain and robotics.

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SBC Wallet cards have received great support from Japanese agents. SoftBank launched a payment system for 10,000 stores in Japan. In addition, cardholders will be able to make payments in the United States, Southeast Asia, South Korea and Dubai.



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