Scammers run fake Facebook crypto website

Posted 26 June, 2019

Scammers have created several resources that copy the official cryptocurrency portals from Facebook. There are a number of links on the websites when clicking on them, malicious software being installed on users' devices. The difference in the name of the resources is just one character.

The official website of the new cryptocurrency project has the address The fraudsters use the domain name Calì, in which instead of the letter “i” the letter “l” is used, but with a mark of accent on the letter.

"Both websites have the same marketing materials, wording, and slogans, except in the top right corner, the fake website is promoting a “Pre-Sale Libra Currency. Clicking the button takes users to another website which claims to offer a 25-percent pre-sale bonus.” - the experts said.

On a phishing page that almost completely imitates Calibra cryptocurrency wallet site, scammers offer users to buy Libra tokens at a discount. Although the sale of cryptocurrency Facebook will take place only by 2020.

Criminals offer users to buy Facebook cryptocurrency at a discount. They promise to make a transfer 600 LBR (Libra) in exchange for 2 Ethereum, or 8,000 LBR for 20 Ethereum.

The site is still working and at the moment it is not known whether there are victims of this scam. The IP address of the fake page indicates that the resource administration is located in the Moscow region in Russia. Experts urge everyone who wants to buy a cryptocurrency from Mark Zuckerberg to be as attentive as possible, since even more fraudsters may appear on the network before its release.

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