Rumours: Justin Sun is hiding from Chinese authorities

Posted 25 July, 2019

There are rumours that the head of the Tron Foundation, Justin Sun, has been hiding from the Chinese authorities since November 2018.

According to the local media, the creator of cryptocurrency Tron left the country in June last year, after which he did not attend international conferences until January 2019. The crypto community believes that Sun tried to take advantage of the gaps in the regulation in order to remove his limitations, but he failed.

The Tron Foundation denied this claim, stating that the head of the company was in Hong Kong from mid-June to early July. Cliff Edwards, director of global communications for start-ups, stressed that Sun moved to San Francisco last October and moves freely around the world. 

"He returned from Hong Kong two weeks ago and was there since June 15, so presumably the authorities would have been able to hold him." - Edwards explained.

Some sources added that Sun could have problems with the Chinese government because of his participation in the charity auction of Warren Buffett. 

On July 23, the head of Tron published an apology on the Weibo social network for “over-marketing” lunch with a legendary investor.

“Justin was giving money to American charities—when the Chinese economy is suffering under Trump due to trade wars. You can connect the dots.” - wrote agency

Earlier it was reported that Sun could not leave China, so he asked to postpone the meeting with Warren Buffett. After that, the creator of Tron posted a few photos from San Francisco and conducted a live broadcast.

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