Rumours: Canaan Creative to hold IPO in USA

Posted 11 October, 2019

One of the leading producers of crypto mining equipment Canaan Creative is rumoured to be listed on a stock exchange in the USA by the end of the year.

According to the sources in the know, the shares of the company can be listed in the USA in November. It was stated that Canaan is expected to issue 126 million shares in total to be closed by October 20.

The IPO application was filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission back in July. 

The reports read that the company has completed all measures required for the offering lately. The company is assessed at $2-3 billion.

As a result, Canaan can be the first top-3 crypto mining company that got the status of the public company. 

For reference, three applications were submitted by Ebang, Canaan and Bitmain in Hong Kong last year.

However, Bitman and Ebang decided to withdraw applications on HKEX. 

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