Ruling party in India can be involved in money laundering case

Posted 06 July, 2018

The major party in India, India National Congress, claimed that the ruling party of the country – Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) – is involved in money laundering via bitcoin.

According to the news reports, BGP is said to carry out laundering operations using bitcoin in the Gujarat state. Specifically, the spokesperson of the India National Congress these activities brought from $727 million to $12.7 billion. Moreover, the party requires that country's court checks the issue and connection of BJP with the money laundering. Besides, they said that some BJP members used the black money for financing other businesses in the state.

"We demand an impartial Supreme Court-monitored judicial investigation in this maze of 'Mega Bitcoin Scam' so that the truth comes out," stated Coindesk citing the INC.

It is worth mentioning, the state authorities accused 10 policemen in extortion of $.3 million in terms of bitcoin.

At the same time, the representatives of the Bharatiya Janta Party denied such charges calling these statements of INR is just tricks and disorder. The leading party also added that it seems that the INC has some hidden agenda for the voiced charges under the money laundering case.

"I wonder if the Congress is trying to help somebody in this case as part of a conspiracy," BJP member stated. 

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