Ripple company starts Xpring project

Posted 16 May, 2018

USA's Ripple company has announced new project Xpring. With the new program, the company strives to lure business partners to use its XRP coin and blockchain in their innovative solutions.

According to the reports, the new startup will be led by the former Facebook director on a partnership with third-party platforms, Ethan Beard.

Along with possibility for investments and grants for attractive business solutions, the company is also considering potential acquisition of such solutions. As commented Senior Vice-President at Ripple Eric van Miltenburg, they aim to support a business that is considered to discover advantages of XRP register.

At the same time, Ripple's main interest is said to be directed at the sectors of international trading, virtual goods, ID, real estate, micropayments, video games, and media.

Notably, the company has reportedly assisted to a number of persons: Scooter Braun (art monetization and content management), Stephan Thomas (micropayments), Tomas McCleod (co-founder of Omni), which plans to integrate XRP into its marketplace.

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16 May, 2018 12:17

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