Red4Sec finds vulnerability in some NEO smart contracts

Posted 21 May, 2018

Lately, the developers of the NEO blockchain project confirmed the weakness in NEP-5 smart contract code that had been detected by Red4Sec.

It has been stated that a few NEP-5 tokens were found vulnerable. According to the reports, a hacker can burn some tokens or raise their count after changing totalSupply attribute in the contract.

"The vulnerability exists within the smart contract code of some dApps. The NEO blockchain is not affected by the vulnerability," the statement reads.

Nevertheless, this attribute is responsible only for the displayed number of tokens in use, so it does not influence the real amount of the offer, as commented NEO experts.

This means that the found weakness has limited risk, while the cost of such hacker attack is said to be quite expensive.

In addition, the reports read that some projects are yet to eliminate weaknesses, but their users do not face risks. However, the NEO developers do not name the projects under potential risk. 

Notably, one of the NEP-5 tokens is Trinity Token (TNC). This March Trinity Protocol developers reported about a cross-chain converter to use TNC in two blockchains at once – NEO and Ethereum.

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