Rakuten: crypto to become available for daily payments in Japan

Posted 13 September, 2019

Rakuten wants to make cryptocurrencies affordable for day-to-day payments in Japan. The message was made by The President of Rakuten Wallet (the crypto division of the corporation) Tatsuya Yamada at the recent Asian conference.

At the Invest: Asia conference held on September 12, Yamada talked about the results of surveys indicating that 70 million people in Japan or 80% of the country's population know about cryptocurrencies, but only 15 registered exchanges now provide services in this area. 

''Rakuten’s goal is to make crypto available for daily payments in Japan'' - stated Yamada.

Rakuten is one of the largest e-commerce sites in the world and the key one in Japan. The company has a successful experience in distributing electronic means of payment that is not based on traditional currencies. According to Yamada, Rakuten Fintech is one of the conglomerate’s strongest businesses,

In August, the corporation announced the launch of its own cryptocurrency exchange, and also released an application for mobile devices. Customers of the new trading platform got the opportunity to conclude deals on the spot market in three coins: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum.

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16 September, 2019 11:37

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