Poloniex received Gram listing request before conflict with SEC

Posted 23 October, 2019

The Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange received an application for listing the Telegram Open Network asset GRAM from the Telegram team right before the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) haltered the launch of TON.  The application was submitted by the Head of Custodian Gram Vault and COO of crypto exchange Blackmoon Sergey Vasin. 

According to Vasin, also COO of Blackmoon, 50% of the first token is kept in Gram Vault round and 75% of the second round token.

Telegram representatives said their company does not work directly with exchanges. Third-party services will be used to establish contact with the platforms. The first of these is the Gram Vault division. According to Vasin, the issue of listing Gram will be raised again only after solving the problem with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

US SEC has requested information from Telegram regarding the planned trading of cryptocurrency on Coinbase, Poloniex and other platforms. The SEC has alleged that Telegram’s ICO was unlawful and obtained the court order to stop the company from issuing tokens. The court has scheduled to hear the case in February next year. Telegram’s executives said that they were shocked and disappointed with SEC’s decision to file the lawsuit as they had been communicating with them about the project for a year.  

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