Parity Technologies detects error in Ethereum software

Posted 07 June, 2018

The Parity team reported an error in the test environment used in one of the main Ethereum software products.

UK's  Parity Technologies stated that the launch of the software was not followed by the synchronization, so other network members were unable to recognize their transactions. The problem was detected in the test network, but it could also spread to the whole Ethereum network.

According to the news reports, the company asked all users to update the software to the new version, which solves this problem.

"The bug could have impacted roughly 30 per cent of the ethereum network – those that use software issued by Parity to stay in sync with the wider network. But according to representatives of Parity, the issue was patched before it reached nodes operating the live ethereum blockchain," the media stated.

Some companies have already reported that they managed to update the software – 1.10.6-stable or 1.11.3-beta. However, it is still possible that the detected bug can hamper operations on the blockchain under Parity software, including ETC users, the Coindesk stated.

"We missed a conditional check in our code that caused full node Parity to accept a block containing invalid transactions," Wei Tang from Parity commented to Coindesk.

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