Oil finishes this week on up note

Posted 22 February, 2019

Oil prices are finishing the week on the rise making use from weaker dollar and stock markets upturn. As a result, this will be the second positive week in a row.

On Friday, the April futures for Brent oil at ICE Futures soared to some $67.50/bbl; April futures for WTI oil at NYMEX reached some $57.60/bbl. Over the week, the oil prices have gained 1.9% and 3.4% respectively.

The stock market is positive about the progress achieved in the US-China talks. Specifically, it has been reported lately that China's representative made a motion to increase imports of agricultural products from the USA to reduce the surplus observed in the external trade with the USA.

Today, the US President Donald Trump and China's vice prime minister Liu He will hold a meeting in Washington. 

As one of the market analysts commented, the oil price is restrained by a better situation in the stock markets as well as slacker greenback.

An additional factor that limits the upward potential of oil quotes is said to be a report about higher oil reserves in the USA.

Specifically, the US Energy Department reported that the reserves of merchant oil soared by some 3.67 million bbl over the week. According to the available data, Cushing oil reserves increased by 3.41 million bbl.

At the same time, petroleum reserves in the USA decreased by 1.45 million bbl over the same period and those of distillates – by 1.52 million bbl.

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22 February, 2019 17:37

← Thai authorities green light blockchain-based securities

Thailand's authorities reportedly can give a green light for issuing and trading of blockchain-based securities. The National Legislative Assembly of Thailand has lately made revised and changed the Securities and Exchange Act, and this step, in fact, makes legal an issue of securities (stocks and bonds) in tokens. The changes will come in force later in 2019. More details, as well as the instructions for tokenized and electronic type securities, are expected to be announced by Thailand's Securities and Exchange Commission in the near term.

Thai authorities green light blockchain-based securities

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CoinAll exchange announces OTC trading service →

The CoinAll cryptocurrency exchange has reportedly rolled out its OTC trading platform that supports cryptos. The platform is said to support Vietnamese Dong. At the same time, the company stated that they are working on adding more fiats, including the sterling, baht and rouble. CoinAll is cooperating with OKEx, sharing "high liquidity offered by OKEx", so this will result in joint trading when orders on CoinAll will be available for OKEx users too. 

CoinAll exchange announces OTC trading service
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