Ohio – first state to accept crypto tax payments

Posted 26 November, 2018

The companies registered in the Ohio state will become able to pay taxes with bitcoins.

According to the released information, the state authorities have decided to allow local businesses to pay all taxes with crypto. Specifically, it will be possible to pay taxes (from cigarretees to fuel and salary). 

This initiative was forwarded by Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel. Notably, he, in his turn, believes that bitcoin can be full currency. Moreover, Mandel also stated that he expected that other states may take the cue.

However, this does not make bitcoin as a complete currency, but it indicates some support of the authorities. The segment expert also noted that such development may be a signal that not only criminals use cryptos and digital coins.

Bitcoin payments will be accepted beginning from this week.

The companies that want to pay taxes with crypto will need to register on OhioCrypto.com. The payments will be processed via BitPay services. The initiator of this new feature says that some requests for a new way of tax payments have already been received, though in fact, it is unclear how many companies express interest in it.

For reference, Georgia, Arizona and Illinois considered taxpaying with cryptos earlier. However, these states are yet to take the corresponding bills. 

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