Numerous public web pages infected with mining software

Posted 08 May, 2018

Unknown hackers integrated Monero mining software into numerous websites using Drupal content management. The number of affected sites counts in hundreds. 

According to cybersecurity expert in Bad Packets Report Troy Mursch, some of the websites are run by different state institutions. Specifically, the hackers installed browser miner Coinhive for Monero through weaknesses of old versions of Drupal.

"This is because Coinhive and other crypto jacking services (malware) are simply done with JavaScript. Every modern browser and device can run JavaScript, so as such, everybody can mine cryptocurrency and unfortunately Coinhive has been used and abused time and time again. [In] this particular case, Drupal users need to update [as soon as possible]," stated CoinDesk citing Troy Mursch.

Such crypto jacking is said to be not as dangerous as ransomware, though remains tough calls, especially for website operators.

According to the list of affected websites, hackers run software on the pages of the San Diego Zoo, the National Labor Relations Board, the City of Marion (Ohio), the University of Aleppo, the Ringling College of Art and Design and the government of Chihuahua (Mexico).

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