Nine people arrested for drug trading via cryptos, Seoul police reported

Posted 26 December, 2018

Law enforcement forces in South Korea reportedly arrested nine people on suspicion of drug trading via digital coins.

According to the local media reports, the arrested group probably distributed drugs in the dark web, as the prosecutor in Seoul's Central District stated. Moreover, the suspected are said even to have their own website for that purpose, which became increasingly popular in the community. 

The authority released the report, which showed that this community rose to 636 members in March-November. The website has been shut down by now. This was the first operation in the dark web performed by Seoul's enforcement bodies.  

Along with the drug distribution, the police has charged the group with overseas drug buying for further sales in the country. 

As the report reads, all payments were made via DarkCoin, which probably means Dash coins. The authorities intend to keep back KRW 100 million generated from the criminal activities.

It is worth mentioning that drug activities via cryptos were also detected in the UK. Earlier in 2018, the police withdrew some $1.7 million in terms of bitcoins from drug trading and money laundering. Meanwhile, the US enforcement bodies detected and arrested 35 individuals with $20 million in cryptos being seized.

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