Nike enters crypto market with CRYPTOKICKS

Posted 26 April, 2019

The document shows that Nike intends to engage in commercial activities under this sign and create a digital currency, token, and even its community. In the "identification" section there is a lot of interesting, albeit raw information:


Financial services, namely, providing a digital currency or digital token for use by members of an online community via a global computer network.

The document also describes plans for introducing a cryptocurrency hardware wallet, a software wallet and mobile applications for «transfer blockchain-based tokens, coins, cryptocurrencies, and other crypto assets».

Online marketplace services, namely, providing a marketplace for buyers and sellers of digital currency assets; Operating an online marketplace featuring footwear and clothing; on-line retail store services.

In addition, Nike explains that it intends to retain the Cryptokicks name for “online blogs about collectible goods” and computer online games, such as quests, treasure hunts and obstacle courses.

Josh Gerben, a patent lawyer in Washington, says that Nike is serious about the Cryptokicks business. He analyzed the application:

There has to be somewhat of a business idea behind it, If you submit things just for the purpose of submitting things, it will tie up the trademark system unnecessarily. Nike does not have a history of filings that are speculative.

Josh adds that the verification of the application takes 30 days, and after successful approval, the trademark will be protected for 4 years. During this time, Nike will have to launch a commercial product called Cryptokicks. Then he will have all the rights to use the mark. The brand itself will be used soon.

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