News Brief: Norwegian Air to add crypto payments and open exchange

Posted 25 July, 2019

One of the leading Scandinavian airlines Norwegian Air reportedly expressed plans to add bitcoin to payment options and launch cryptocurrency trading platform.

According to the media reports, the company will start accepting payments in cryptocurrency, though this option is said to be available only for the Norwegians so far.

Along with this, Norvegian Air plans to launch cryptocurrency exchange Norwegian Block Exchange (NBX) this August. In the long run, it is planned to open additional platforms and offices in the neighbouring countries.

NBX will feature the current reward system of the airlines. As a result, the company's clients will be able to collect points for trading and then spend collected points for discounts and other bonuses.

Market sources stated that Norwegian Air started considering entering the crypto sector once it shares had plunged more than 75% since April 2018.

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