New Zealand Police report progress in Cryptopia case, investigation ongoing

Posted 07 February, 2019

The New Zealand Police has made the first statement after the launch of the case saying the authorities keep on investigating the Cryptopia case with good progress being achieved by now.

As it was reported earlier , the New Zealand crypto trading platform Cryptopia was attacked by hackers and went offline on January 15. The attack itself lasted for other several weeks. Notably, the hack was not detected at once, while later the market data showed that hackers managed to steal above $16.1 million from the exchange’s Ethereum wallets.

Pursuant to the document published today, the police continue to track the stolen crypto assets since the cryptocurrency blockchains can be accessed without any difficulties. The investigation is ongoing with the assistance of the international crypto specialists assist.

"Excellent progress is being made in the investigation and we are working with Cryptopia management plus current and former employees who have been providing valuable assistance," Detective Inspector Murton says in the report.

The police spokesperson stresses that the case can take pretty much time given "the complexity of the cyber environment", while investigations in the exchange’s head office will be finished by the end of the week.

Earlier, there were some signs of the hackers spotted in the industry. They tried to liquidate the assets, but Binance, where they emerged, was able to freeze those transactions. 

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Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao held a live stream today, answering questions about the future of the company, Binance Coin, Binance Chain, a new decentralized exchange, etc. During the event, Zhao commented on possible cooperation between Binance and Ripple’s crypto company as well as apply xRapid payment solution to its services. He said that the company is currently introducing additional functionality and thereby has to cooperate with various partners. Binance team is currently focused on implementing BinanceDEX decentralized exchange and Binance Chain blockchain.

Binance open for cooperation with Ripple, CEO says

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European Commission downgrades GDP outlook for 2019 →

The European Commission has downgraded the GDP growth outlook for the euro-area in 2019 from 1.9% expected in November to 1.3% due to slower economic strengthening in China and vague perspectives of the Brexit. The EC lowered the 2020 outlook to 1.6% (1.7% earlier). CPI is now expected to gain 1.4% this year (1.8% earlier). Besides, the inflation target set by the European Central Bank is yet to be achieved. Some positive factors were also mentioned by the EC. In particular, the labour market rebounds along with monetary stimulation of the ECB and low inflation.

European Commission downgrades GDP outlook for 2019
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