New Zealand police go into Cryptopia case

Posted 16 January, 2019

New Zealand’s Police has confirmed the start of an investigation into the hacking of the local cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia. The police department published the press release today.

"The investigation into the alleged unauthorised transaction of cryptocurrency at the Christchurch company Cryptopia has continued today," the release reads.

The exact amount of cryptocurrency stolen has not been specified, although the police stress that the figure is rather notable.

The case seems to be pretty serious since a large number of staff has been already engaged in, including the Canterbury CIB and the police High Tech Crime Unit representatives.

The police report that even though they are unable to specify details of the investigation so far, they are focusing on “commencing both a forensic digital investigation of the company and a physical scene examination at the building”.

As for Cryptopia, the exchange cannot provide any comments on the situation, since it is closely co-operating with the investigation.

"We would also like to make clear that Cryptopia are cooperating fully with the investigation team and a media report that police ‘stormed’ the building today is entirely incorrect," concludes the report. 

As it was reported earlier, Cryptopia officially reported huge losses and the suspension of the trading operations yesterday.

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16 January, 2019 13:41

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Ethereum clients deliver software updates after Constantinople delay

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