New reporting tools available to Bitfinex users

Posted 10 October, 2018

Bitfinex, a leading crypto trading platform, has reportedly revised and unveiled new reporting tools.

The company wrote in its press release:

"Today we are pleased to present our users with a new suite of reporting tools designed to enhance user control and understanding when it comes to their trading"

With the new instruments, users will be able to expand their experience, increase transaction monitoring via an updated and more informative interface. The company has decided to improve the instruments available for its users seeing professional traders and institutional investors actively joining the crypto segment.

"As institutions and professional traders enter the digital asset trading space, Bitfinex remains committed to creating the tools required to thoroughly meet their needs," according to the statement.

Thus, traders become able to download movement report covering a certain period just in seconds. Notably, there will be limitations for the data, so a user can see even the date of account registration if needed.

"Built to be both faster and easier to use, traders can now instantly compile an overview of necessary account information stemming as far back as account history goes. This removes requested data limits, allowing users to view their lifetime data on our platform or as a downloadable file,"  stated in the press release.

Notably, the new interface has become faster on different devices along with more effective API. As the company stated, they plan to release the code of all tools, so users can make customization as they want.

For reference, Poloniex announced new trading mobile applications this week.

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11 October, 2018 11:35

← Zaif finally posts compensation plan involving business transfer

Japan's Zaif exchange operated by Tech Bureau has eventually unveiled the compensation strategy after the September hack. Tech Bureau entered into an agreement with Japan's investment company Fisco, which in fact would become the owner of the trading platform. With the announced agreement, Fisco will use its own reserves to refund users with bitcoins and Bitcoin Cash. As for Monacoin that were also stolen, the users will be paid back in yen at 144.548 ($1.28) per coin. The companies are about to hold a meeting this month, while Tech Bureau will give up its operator power and pass the business on November 22. Specifically, the company has turned to Japan's Financial Services Agency for the cancellation of its license.

Zaif finally posts compensation plan involving business transfer

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US officials make proposal for stricter measures against El Petro
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