New exchange in South Korea reports data dump

Posted 26 June, 2018

One of the South Korean crypto exchanges has reported data loss.

The news reports read, that the trading platform Bitkoex has lost the data of 19 holders of Karma coins. The total amount of the coins is estimated at KRW 750 million or $620,000 in total. The lost data reportedly contained emails, wallet addresses and private keys of the users, which means that anyone can get access to the money with that information. 

This accident happened due to the negligence of the employee, which posted by an accident a message in the group chat about Karma investments with users' emails, wallets as well as private keys.

According to the company representative commented to the media:

"The exchange has moved the exposed assets to a cold wallet, which is not accessible through the internet. As such, the company asserted no assets have been lost." 

Bitkoex is a new crypto exchange in South Korea. The platform started operations just a month ago.

Notably, this is not the first time of data loss in South Korea. In particular, Bithumb faced similar accident – the computer of its employee was hacked and the data of 30,000 clients was stolen.

For reference, just last week Bithumb was hacked and lost some $31 million. As a result, the authorities have decided to tighten regulation of this segment.

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