Mozilla Firefox enhances browser with option against cybercriminals

Posted 23 May, 2019

The Internet browser Mozilla Firefox has powered the latest browser version with the ability to protect users from cryptojacking.

In the new version on the “Privacy” tab, users can set a label that prohibits the work of “crypto miners” (Content Blocking). Initially, the function was tested on other versions of programs - Nightly 68 and Firefox 67.

Vice President Mozilla Nick Nguyen said that the main purpose of innovation is to create obstacles for third-party malware that slows down the user's computer. Some programs use the computing power of other computers for mining cryptocurrency. As he commented, the fraud software that secretly gathers personal data or affects the performance of users' computers is getting more and more common now, while some websites can infect users' devices with crypto mining scripts. For that purpose, the Mozilla team has developed a new way to fight against such software.

Note that in the past months, Mozilla has released several elements with which you can avoid third-party tracking of user activity on the Internet.

Illegal crypto-mining, sometimes called crypto-theft, is quickly gaining popularity among cybercriminals. The code that performs the task of mining can be distributed by malware and placed directly on computer systems, or it can be placed on websites by hackers for mining using the computers of victims through browsers.

The announcement of the blocking function crypto-theft Mozilla made last year. It was stated that this will help to restrain the impact from third-party scripts on the Internet users.

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