Monero can be a blueprint for new crypto protocol

Posted 23 May, 2018

Monero network can become a foundation for new digital asset protocol – Tari.

The CoinDesk report reads that the new protocol will be designed for "non-fungible tokens with unique properties, such as tickets with ownership information". In addition, Tair is believed to enable users take part in stockists market. 

The team of developers will also include Riccardo Spagni, project lead in Monero, and entrepreneur Dan Teree. According to the available data, the protocol will deal with all digital assets with a processing capacity of thousands of transactions per seconds.

"If you have a decentralized distributed trustless system that supports non-fungible tokens that enforces the rule sets around digital assets, that changes the game because now you have an opportunity for consumers to trade those digital assets," said Naveen Jain. 

Notably, the project team does not plan to consider the project as a new rival of Ethereum. They said that the protocols and networks for specific use cases can be more advantageous against one-box solutions.

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ShipChain startup can face sanctions in South Carolina

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