Mining capacities seized by Chinese police can originate from Iceland

Posted 07 May, 2018

Iceland's law enforcement bodies have submitted the official request to China's authorities concerning 600 mining facilities that were seized recently. They believe that these computers can be the same that had been stolen in Iceland, the local media reported.

As it was reported earlier, Tianjin police seized the abovementioned capacities after the power company detected extra high electricity consumption. "It was the largest power theft case in recent years," reported Xinhua News citing police spokesperson. 

According to the news reports, Iceland's police reported about a number of robberies resulting in the heist of some 600 mining capacities for almost $2 million. Under the investigation, 11 individuals were arrested, with one of them being a security.

Later, the lead suspect crushed out and went to Sweden. According to one of the versions, the flight was within the Schengen area and he did not have to provide the passport, so the ticket could be booked with documents of another person. However, he was eventually arrested in the Netherlands.

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