Max Keiser expects Bitcoin to grow

Posted 27 August, 2019

Heisenberg Capital founder and well-known trader Max Keiser said that the cost of bitcoin could increase sharply in the near future. Despite the confidence in the rebound of the main coin, the expert did not name the exact start date of the rally. 

According to Max Keiser, investors should believe less in rumors about the return of cryptocurrency to a bearish mood, since it is precisely against the backdrop of a reaction to such statements that the market begins to slow down. 

''Stock market showing signs of extreme fragility. An air-gap of 15,000 points sits beneath current prices. When the trap door opens, expect #Bitcoin at $25,000 and Gold at $3,000,''  he wrote.

At the beginning of the week, the main coin showed growth and was able to restore positions above $10,000. In just an hour, it was able to collect more than $500, which attracted investors. Bitcoin capitalization also increased by $200 million, signaling an upcoming rally. As the expert stated, the trend could be a sign of an approaching leap, but investors should make well-founded decisions about investments.

Twitter users under the post of an expert were divided into his adherents and opponents. Opponents called on the famous trader not to make such optimistic forecasts, but to focus on the facts. Followers noted that bitcoin really returned to the bull trend, preparing to make a new leap.

Brian Kelly, who had previously played for the Bitcoin rally, noted that the main coin could break the $10,000 barrier and begin to decline. If market trends change, then cryptocurrency will begin to slowly increase indicators. The reason for this can only be an increase in the degree of support from investors.

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