Massive Founders Fund's purchase boosts bitcoin price

Posted 03 January, 2018

On Wednesday, January 3, bitcoin price has increased on reports about massive investment by Founders Fund, led by Peter Thiel.  

The company has acquired digital coins for some $15-20 million. As a result, this investment is reportedly estimated at hundreds of millions of dollars given the 2017 price leap.  

Thiel commented that this was a quite promising currency that could become a digital gold at long last.

As it was already reported, the BTC price has shown almost a 20-fold upturn since the start of the year. Bitcoin entered the market below $1,000 but then posted an all-time high at $19,891 on Bitfinex on December 17 (other exchange markets recorded the price even above $20,000 that day).  

Yet, bitcoin price fell almost 50% over the past month as compared to the mid-December peak.  

Investors are becoming more interested in alternative cryptocurrencies, so bitcoin is no longer dominating the market.  

BTC capitalization has amounted to $231.7 billion on Tuesday (some 36% of the overall value of cryptocurrencies). This means that the share of bitcoin has hit the bottom in the global market. For reference, bitcoin market footprint was more than 80% in early 2017.

The insiders are said to have a different opinion on the current situation. Specifically, investors believe this is just a natural adjustment after a price jump. At the same time, market regulators and central banks still warn about an inflating crypto bubble.  

Ripple, the second major digital coin, was traded at $2.08 after hitting an all-time high at $2.39 on Poloniex on Saturday.  

After knocking Ethereum ($85 billion) out of the second place in terms of market capitalization, the Ripple has kept expanding on Wednesday and exceeded $105 billion by now.  

Compared to bitcoin and Ethereum (9,000% and 1,400% respectively), the Ripple has hiked more than 32,000% since early 2017, from $0.006 to $1.98.

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