Malicious Monero miner hiding beneath the WAV

Posted 18 October, 2019

Cybercrime is getting more profitable and, with this increased profitability, the need has arisen for hackers to become more innovative in their operations. As it is with the legitimate business scene, criminals are now thinking out of the box to stay ahead of the curve. 

As BlackBerry Cylance threat researchers note, they discovered a new malicious campaign that is using WAV audio files to hide and drop backdoors and crypto miners on targeted systems.  As the report claims, this new hacking method involves concealing malware into a WAV audio file to hide its malicious code and move past conventional detection methods. 

"Our analysis reveals some of the WAV files contain code associated with the XMRig Monero CPU miner. Others included Metasploit code used to establish a reverse shell. Both payloads were discovered in the same environment, suggesting a two-pronged campaign to deploy malware for financial gain and establish remote access within the victim network." - wrote company.

The malware-riddled files are sent out to victims via email, and once played will install and run a mining tool for the Monero cryptocurrency. In other cases, Metasploit code was used to open up a computer to a remote attack.

Since the beginning of 2019, cryptocurrency users have lost over $ 4.3 billion due to hacked cryptocurrency exchanges, fraud and extortion, according to a report from Cipher Trace. Despite the poor reputation, Monero Bitcoin remains the most popular digital coin among hackers, it was used in 76% of cases of theft and extortion. 

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