Major crypto exchanges establish rating council

Posted 30 September, 2019

Several cryptocurrency exchanges, including Coinbase, Kraken, Poloniex, and Bittrex, have developed a system that can help determine which assets can be recognized as securities. Exchange operators have developed a rating system to determine which cryptocurrencies can be represented on their platforms and which should not be in order not to violate securities laws. 

"We also worked hard to focus our framework on objective, repeatable, fact-driven questions that can be answered consistently by technical experts across different assets and over time," Coinbase wrote in a blog post.

The Crypto Ratings Board, comprising the leading exchanges, will publish online ratings of digital assets scored from 1 to 5. Higher-rated tokens will be considered as securities, and thus will not be recommended for trading on exchanges. Notably, asset issuers will not be able to take part in the assessment, but they will be allowed to transmit information that may affect the final rating.

Bitcoin is the most reliable cryptocurrency, received a rating of "1", and XRP "4". Also, the Crypto Rating Council includes industry representatives: Anchor Labs, Genesis Global Trading, Grayscale Investments and Paxos Trust.

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