Lightning Labs announcement: new Lightning mobile application on mainnet in alpha

Posted 21 June, 2019

Lightning Labs, the key developer for  Lightning Network, has rolled out its first mobile application. The new tool is available on both Android and iOS.

The company wrote on Twitter:

"We've released the mainnet alpha of our Lightning Mobile App for iOS & Android, the first on all major platforms!" 

According to the announcement published on the company website, the new application Lightning App will be non-custody wallet which will enable users to make instant payments for up to 1/6 of Bitcoin.

It should be mentioned that the application is powered by Autopilot based on Lightning Labs' own cluster with tree complete nods. The features limit the number of transactions – users cannot receive more funds than they send.

At the same time, users can open payment channels manually and connect to their own node.

As the company spokesperson shared, they plan to reduce the dependence of the products on Lightning Labs in the long run. This seems to become possible after Bitcoin Core starts supporting Neutrino protocol, with which the application can connect to external nodes not to overload the device.

"This release is primarily targeted at users who want to test spending and sending Lightning payments, as there are still UX challenges to overcome to automatically get inbound capacity for channels," the report reads.

Last year, Lightning Labs launched desktop wallet for bitcoin mainnet this April.

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21 June, 2019 16:57

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