Korian announces the launch of KORUS 2022

Posted 28 March, 2022

Korian announces the launch of 'KORUS 2022', its first employee shareholding plan for the benefit of all of its employees in France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.
In accordance with the commitments of its "Heart Care" business plan, Korian offers its employees the possibility of directly or indirectly holding Korian shares.
KORUS 2022 is a new stage in Korian's human resources policy, which will offer each employee the opportunity to benefit as a shareholder from the ambitious transformation and innovation projects carried out by the Group and from its future growth, including objective is to improve the daily life of the elderly and fragile and to support them whatever their needs.

The Offer will be carried out through a sale of shares and/or a capital increase reserved for members of the group savings plan ("PEG") and the international group savings plan ("PEGI"). ) in accordance with the provisions of Articles L. 3332-24 and L. 3332-18 of the Labor Code.
The main characteristics of the Offer were set by the decision of the Board of Directors of December 2, 2021.
The dates of the participation/withdrawal period will be set by a decision of the Chief Executive Officer acting on delegation from the Board of Directors, provided June 24, 2022.

The acquisition or subscription price of the shares offered will be equal to the average of the average prices weighted by the trading volumes of the Korian share on the Euronext Paris market during the twenty trading days preceding the decision of the Chief Executive Officer setting the dates of the share participation/withdrawal period, reduced by a 15% discount and rounded to the nearest two decimal places. This decision is scheduled for June 24, 2022.

The applicable exchange rate for the United Kingdom will be fixed at the same time as the Offer Price.

Indicative timetable
- Reservation period: from May 5 to 23, 2022 inclusive
- Decision to set the Offer Price: June 24, 2022
- Participation/withdrawal period: from June 24 to 27, 2022 inclusive
- Capital increase/Settlement-delivery: July 21, 2022
- End of the unavailability period: July 20, 2027, at midnight.

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