Kakao launches Klip crypto wallet

Posted 12 August, 2019

On August 12, the social media giant Kakao published a preview page for the Klip cryptocurrency wallet, the launch of which is scheduled for the second half of 2019. Users will be able to store and manage not only their own Kakao tokens but also other cryptocurrencies. The news came from Korean media report.

The first information about Kakao's plans to integrate a cryptocurrency wallet into its own KakaoTalk messenger appeared in mid-March. On August 12, the Klip wallet, developed by a subsidiary of Kakao GroundX, received its introduction page at KakaoTalk.

According to the developers, the wallet was created on the basis of blockchain technology and provides an opportunity for users to store and manage their own in Kakao cryptocurrency received during online operations. Using a wallet, customers will be able to pay for content, games and conduct financial transactions.

The wallet will work on the Klaytn blockchain. Its testing was launched by GroundX in October last year. The wallet will also provide the opportunity to trade other cryptocurrencies of the partners, including Airbloc, Pebble and Spin Protocol.

A cryptocurrency wallet will become one of the functions of the KakaoTalk messenger. Therefore, the user will not need to install a special application, it will be enough to go to the appropriate KakaoTalk tab.

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