Justin Sun reports about partnership invitation from Liverpool FC

Posted 25 April, 2019

Justin Sun, CEO of the Tron Foundation, is known for talking very loudly about the success of his business. This time nothing has changed, and Justin announced to its huge Twitter audience a new partnership. Tweet has already won over 2,000 likes and is very popular with the entire Tron community. In response to the statement, users quickly noticed that this could be a huge step for distributing cryptocurrency as well as the entire TRON network. In addition, this collaboration can help break down the price of cryptocurrencies for future heights.

Although this announcement seemed vague, and most of the community considered it to be “false news”, reports indicate that Sun does not cease to boast of a new “partnership”.

Thank you for the unique and innovative invitation, Liverpool! I am impressed and I'm looking forward to exploring this Тron new partnership together!

It is worth emphasizing that the representative of Liverpool allegedly stated that  “Liverpool Football Club has confirmed that it does not have a partnership with Tron.”

Although Sun did not reveal any details in his post on Twitter, he shared a short video from Liverpool, in which the Tron logo appears.

At the same time, Jesse Powell, the head of Kraken exchange, said that he also received an invitation to cooperate with this club, adding that it would be probably spam and fraud.

While Liverpool has no prospects to become a pioneer of football in the world of cryptocurrency.

Misha Lederman said that the new alleged partnership between Tron and LFC “would be beyond massive for crypto to say the least.” He also added that  “can already see the TRON logo on that red @LFC shirt at Anfield.”

Samuel Austin, co-founder and developer of the HummingPay payment platform, also concur with this opinion. According to him, the contact of a cryptocurrency company with a famous football club can be a great way to spread the mission of Tron. Austin even offered the club to create its own streaming platform (for the live broadcast of video clips).

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