John McAfee's price forecast for Bitcoin

Posted 29 July, 2019

After the detention in the Dominican Republic, businessman and 2020 presidential candidate of the USA, John McAfee, expressed on Twitter a new prophecy about the future of Bitcoin.

The main cryptocurrency survived a rather difficult week, as a result of which its price dropped by almost $1,000 from $10,600 to the current $9,650. This month turned out to be extremely unsuccessful especially after three months of growth From a maximum of $13,065, the cost of bitcoin fell to $3,415 or 26%.

"Bitcoin is under pressure from the U.S. and its price reflects it. But the U.S. has no real power in controlling CryptoCurrency. Just watch. A week from today Bitcoin will continue its meteoric rise,"  he wrote

John McAfee pointed to the culprit of the sharp decline in more than a quarter the price of cryptocurrency - Washington. It was the pressure of leading American politicians (Trump, Mnuchin, Powell) that bitcoin somewhat weakened.

However, the presidential candidate in exile continues to believe in the bright future of BTC. Meanwhile, the ''McAfee Bitcoin Price Prediction Tracker index'' which tracks the performance of the McAfee forecast, currently points to a forecast price of $80,400 for a bitcoin, which is somewhat untrue.

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