Japanese yen up vs US dollar and euro

Posted 14 February, 2018

The US dollar is down against the euro on upcoming US inflation report. The American currency hit a 15-month bottom vs the Japanese yen during the session.

The yen is a safe haven is getting support from investors' careful position on highly volatile financial markets, as commented a representative of the Singapore-based bank.

According to Japan's economic report, GDP growth slowed down in Q4 2017, though in Q3 the economy posted an upturn the eighth month in a row.

Despite the observed slowdown in late 2017, the data generally indicates that Japan has stable economic expansion thanks to the policy of Japan's prime minister.

At the same time, the longest non-stop GDP growth raises an issue on a relevance of the extra soft monetary policy, commented experts in Japan's Central Bank.

For now, traders focus on the US inflation data to be announced today.

The US dollar to yen decreased to 107.24 this morning (107.82 yesterday). During the session, the rate even touched 107.01, the lowest level since November 2016. The euro to yen dropped to 132.67 (133.18).

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14 February, 2018 11:18

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Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies post gains on Seoul's revision of trading ban

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