Japan FSA to consider marginal trading limits

Posted 25 October, 2018

Japan’s Financial Services Agency is about to set new marginal trading limits striving to prevent speculations in the crypto market.

According to the local media, the authority considers the possible restriction of the marginal trading to 4-to-1. Notably, Japan has no specific rules for the marginal crypto trading, and in this context, some exchanges can set even 25 to 1 leverage rate.

The regulator intends to put new regulation for discussion with the key market experts in the near term. Specifically, the Japan Virtual Currency Exchange Association already noted the need for marginal trading restrictions earlier. Moreover, it has already developed a 100-page draft guidelines for the crypt segment.

For now, 7 out of 16 licensed exchanges in Japan reportedly offer marginal trading services.

Japan has recorded skyrocketing marginal trading lately, as the authority reported. The available data showed that derivatives accounted for 80% of overall digital coin trading, which means some $543 billion. Moreover, the bulk of these contracts are leveraged.

Earlier, it was reported that the JVCEA officially gained the power to develop guidelines and rules for the local crypto market, following the decision of Japan’s FSA.

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The prices for cryptocurrencies decreased on Thursday driven by an uncertain market situation. Moreover, the market expert believes the industry will most likely keep drifting downwards since investors pay little attention to the market reports now. Today, Bitcoin weakened to $6,549. Ethereum prices dropped to $204.54. XRP and Litecoin changed hands at 0.46251 and 51.710 respectively. The total market capitalization was recorded at $209.3 billion. The cryptocurrencies are likely to keep weakening in the near term.

Crypto prices still directed downwards

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Samourai Wallet, an anonymous bitcoin wallet solution, has notified users about dusting attack. The project team made the statement in the social network saying that it has detected resumed dusting attacks. For reference, this type of attack is aimed at addresses deanonymization via linking the inputs. The company stated that the potential targets could receive unplanned small bitcoin amounts lately, and thus when they decide to transfer assets, UTXO can be mixed with hacker's inputs opening access to other users' UTXO.

Dusting attacks resumed, Samourai Wallet said
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