Intel registers energy-effective processor for crypto mining

Posted 30 November, 2018

The global IT giant Intel has reportedly won the patent for the energy-effective processor that can be used in crypto mining of the coins with the SHA-256 algorithm (bitcoin and some other cryptos).

Crypto miners can get a reward for their attempts to receive blocks and transaction fees, though the mining capacities require the facilities like ASIC, which are energy-hungry. 

"Dedicated Bitcoin mining ASICs are used to implement multiple SHA-256 engines that may deliver a performance of thousands of hashes per second while consuming the power of greater than 200 W. Embodiments of the present disclosure employ micro-architectural optimizations including selective hardwiring certain parameters in Bitcoin mining computation. ," the document reads.

At the same time, the connection of these components is said to reduce the number of calculations, which obviously reduces power consumption of the chip by some 15%. Moreover, the size of the chip can be reduced, as a comparison to other once, according to the patent.

According to the document, the lower number of comparison can help to improve the energy efficiency of the process:

"Instead of comparing the final hashing result with the target value, Bitcoin mining application may determine whether the hash out has a minimum number of leading zeros. The minimum number of leading zeros may ensure that the final hashing value is smaller than the target value."

Earlier, the company filed the patent application for hardware accelerator.

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