Huulk exchange targets Islamic fintech companies

Posted 28 August, 2018

Huulk exchange intends to pass certification as a digital asset operator in Malta. The company has reportedly filed a corresponding application and also plans to get the support of some European exchanges in the near term. Huulk focuses on luring sharia-compliant financial companies.

Although crypto trading platforms usually target cooperation with traditional exchanges, the company counts on Muslim investors, as the media reported. Specifically, Huulk is said to consider adding 20 Islamic fintech companies, including Turkey- and Malaysia-based projects.

With the license Huulk exchange, a part of OneGram Group will become able to offer a trading of different assets (digital coins, shares, commodities). The liquidity will be provided by Malta-based Bianchi Holdings Limited.

It is worth mentioning that it is also planned to launch sharia-complaint digital coin on the new platform this September. OneGram received more than $400 million from sales of gold-backed tokens in 2017.

Shariyah Review Bureau certified blockchain and digital coin of California-based Stellar for its sharia-compliance in July.

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28 August, 2018 13:21

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The Central Bank of Israel along with the Finance Ministry reportedly still hang on to the concept of the national cryptocurrency. The financial authority believes that the launch of the national coin – crypto shekel – may boost measures against transactions in the shadow market. In particular, this segment accounts for about 22% of overall GDP in Israel.

Launch of digital shekel still possible in Israel

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Chinese search giant Baidu to filter and ban crypto forum threads
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