Huobi rolls out FastTrack platform based on Prime Lite

Posted 27 May, 2019

The cryptocurrency trading platform Huobi announced the revision of its IEO service Prime Lite that was supposed to be a light version of the key exchange Huobi Prime. The revision will involve its name and certain organization aspects.

The company stated in the post on the official website:

"Huobi Global officially announces the rebranding of its Prime Lite product offering, renaming it to FastTrack." 

Following the rebranding process, the updated platform will put on vote five projects every month with week's winner to be listed. At the same time, the remaining four projects that failed are said to be set for revoting next week. Notably, the project that did not win a place in listing by next month vote will drop out.

The platform also promoted the use of exchange tokens HT. Specifically, all voters who use HT tokens to support "the winning project token for the week will be eligible to purchase the tokens at the discounted price", as it was explained in the announcement.

The vote is slated for every Thursday with a duration of 30 minutes. 

Everyone who wants to participate must have minimum holdings of 1,000 HT during the holding period, as the announcement reads. 

"10 lucky users amongst the participating HT voters who voted for the winning project will be able to exchange all their HT votes for the project token," the company noted.

Notably, FastTrack targets the only projects that show reliable trading volumes and stable price on stockists market.

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