Huobi Global inaugurates new platform

Posted 07 August, 2018

The cryptocurrency exchange – Huobi – has inaugurated a new solution for automated token listing. The new platform is believed to facilitate token listing on the exchange as well as boost the transparency of the process.

"We have officially launched the Huobi Automated Listing Platform on August 4 (GMT+8) to help project teams list their tokens more efficiently and quickly. The platform will also help to make the listing process more transparent to users," the company statement reads.

According to the released information, every project that wants to be listed on Huobi Global or HADAX has to pass registration via the new platform. In addition, it is also required verification of the specific documents.

Once the registration is passed and documents are verified, the project receives a "unique login account which provides access to submit, edit, amend and review documents and status pertaining to the coin listing". Moreover, with this login account, the users will be able to review reports, videos using  Huobi Blockchain Project Show Center. For reference, this project is to be launched somewhat later.

Notably, the company stated that if a project faces rejection on HADAX, it may file the new application in HADAX 2.0, and the assistance will be provided if needed.

In July, Huobi Group announced a new project – Huobi Cloud, that may help users to create their own Huobi-based trading platforms for cryptocurrencies as well as  OTC services.


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