Huobi announces beta of own social platform

Posted 01 October, 2018

One of the leading crypto trading platforms – Huobi – has unveiled beta of its own social project, which is expected to be a good way for cooperation among the crypto market players, in particular, investors, developers and consumers.

The project called Houbi Chat features distributed blocks, which means that one group can comprise unlimited subgroups. 

Houbi Chat will also have token HCT, which will be used as a reward for bringing new users. Specifically, the company names this pattern as "mining via socialization".

According to the available information, the new platform will offer such services as an exchange, payments, market data, latest news, entertainment. The project consists of four parts: end-to-end encrypted messager, contact lists, developer centre and user info (settings and wallet access).

"We are aiming to achieve free communication, secure transaction, fair incentivisation, and industry-wide communication and interconnection in the digital asset society. Based on the Blockchain encryption technologies and consensus mechanism, we are connecting consumers, investors, and project teams, and we are also providing Instant Messaging, communities, sharing, barters, payment, market information, news, game, and entertainment services. In the meanwhile, with the help of our IM platform, we are including third-party content and service providers, building the global ecosystem for the crypto and blockchain community, and enabling the movement of the multi-billion dollar crypto assets," as the statement on the project website reads.

As for developers, they will receive Open SDK-based solutions to develop and test decentralized apps.

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