Hodl Hodl rolls out new version, BTC and LTC added

Posted 06 December, 2018

The Hodl Hodl project, p2p crypto platform, announced an update to version 1.18 adding new crypto pairs and inactive users deactivating. 

As the company press release reads, the list of the supported coins will be expanded with trading services for Bitcoin and Litecoin. In fact, the developers have left offering unchanged: the user will have to set the currency in which payment must be made. Notably, customers will become able to choose the cryptocurrency from the related list. 

"From now on, every user is able to create an offer to buy/sell Bitcoin and Litecoin, and to set the price in terms of cryptocurrency," reads the press release.

Along with just added Bitcoin and Litecoin, the platform supports the following coins XMR, ETH, ETC, DASH, XRP, XTZ, ZEC, EOS, BTG, ETP, TRX, XVG, VET, DGB, BCI.

At the same time, the users should take into account that the supported coins depend on the list of the exchanges to which offer can be pegged. As the company noted in the press release, Hodl Hodl deals with Bitstamp, Bitfinex, Bitpay, Coinbase, Kraken, Localbitcoins.

The platform has set exchange commission for cryptos at 0.25% till the end of the year. Besides, the company will deactivate all offers placed by the users that have been offline for more than a week. Thus, users must be active to maintain offers on the platform and enter the account at least once per week. It is worth mentioning that the platform will also send a notification when the period coming to an end.

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