Hackers stole 670 million USD in cryptocurrency for the 2nd quarter of 2022

Posted 07 July, 2022

In April — June, there were 50 hacks, due to which crypto platforms lost more than 670 million USD, according to a report by ImmuneFi, a company specializing in blockchain security. Although the frequency of attacks has increased compared to the first quarter, the amount of funds lost has become less. There were 25 attacks in the first quarter — hackers stole 1.2 billion USD worth of digital assets.

In the second quarter, most of the losses were caused by hacking of DeFi protocols, and not blockchain bridges (platforms for transferring data between networks), as in January - March, the document says. In particular, the Ronin Bridge from Axie Infinity was robbed of more than 625 million USD, and the Wormhole Bridge in the Solana network was attacked for 326 million USD.

In April — June, projects such as the DeFi protocol Beanstalk (182 million USD), the Horizon bridge of the Harmony network (100 million USD), Mirror Protocol (90 million USD) and Fei Protocol (80 million USD) were hacked.

At the end of June, the XCarnival crypto platform lost more than 3 thousand ETH (3.5 million USD) and agreed to refund half of the amount less than a day after the incident. And in early July, an attacker hacked the Crema Finance protocol on the Solana blockchain and withdrew a cryptocurrency worth 8.7 million USD.

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