Hackers in China earn some $2 million from hidden crypto mining

Posted 10 July, 2018

Hackers in China have reportedly infected more than one million computers countrywide and earned $2 million via hidden mining over a 2-year period.

According to the news reports, the police in Da Lian (China) arrested 20 employees from the computer technology company that are suspected of distributing malware software and infecting computers. The hackers gained control over computers for mining of cryptocurrencies. Specifically, the suspects developed the badware in the browser plug-ins used for different applications (i.e. speed boosting) that were on the display ads.

"By clicking the display ads and installing the plug-ins, over a million computers were subsequently infected, mining a total of 26 million digibyte, decred and siacoin tokens over the course of two years," the police spokesperson stated.

Their company is said to work in the area of web-browser plug-ins. As a result, the hackers were able to install malware code for mining of DigiByte, Decred and Siacoin, as the mining of such minor coins does not require huge capacities.

Besides, it is also reported, that the team of hackers created a network of some 100 agents or even more to promote the software for hidden mining (in particular, via cooperations with cafes).

For reference, earlier police in another Chinese city arrested a group of hackers that infected computers in internet cafes countrywide and mined Siacoin worth $800,000.

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