Grayscale Investments announces Zen investment trust

Posted 07 September, 2018

Grayscale Investments dealing with crypto asset management inaugurated the ZEN investment trust that will provide services to accredited investors.

According to the news reports, the new project will obviously accept only Zencash (ZEN). This coin features high privacy. It is worth mentioning that ZEN Trust is not the pioneer among the single-asset investment trusts of Grayscale. Specifically, the company launched similar projects for bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, XRP and Zcash.

"Grayscale conducts unparalleled research and due diligence on their investment products, striving to offer regulated and professionally managed exposure to the digital currency market for institutional and accredited investors worldwide. Their values align seamlessly with Horizen's mission to promote the growth of digital currencies, the blockchain, and privacy to a diverse and global community," Zen founder said.

The parent company Digital Currency Group (DCG) noted that Zen coin is now added to the list of trusted assets. According to the company representative, they focus on private coins forecasting great importance of the financial privacy in the future.

The released statistics showed that the company got around $250 million via investments for development of the trust projects over the first half of the year.

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